Fall Tryouts

September 23, 25, 27
3:15 - 5:30 PM

You MUST have completed Tryout Registration and proof of physical within the past 6 months to participate
See "Forms Page"

Appearance for Tryouts
You are trying out for a very high profile position representing The University of Michigan.  During the tryout process, you should appear "game ready" at all times.  We are looking for All-American, athletic, collegiate looking men and women. Do not wear anything that features another school or university.  No piercings or jewelry.  Tattos should be covered.

Wear game make-up and have your hair styled as if you were at a game. You may wear bows if you like. Any hair which hangs in your face is discouraged.
Please wear a close fitting tshirt or crop top and navy shorts at all clinics and tryouts.

You must be clean shaven. Facial hair is not permitted at any game or official event.
Please wear a white or grey tshirt and navy shorts at all clinics and tryouts. Tshirt must be tucked in.

Required Documentation - 3
1)  Tryout Registration Packet - located on FORMS page
2)   Copy of UMID card
3)  Proof of physical within past 6 months

Final Acceptance to the Cheer Team is conditional on completion of a physical with a University of Michigan Team Physician and enrollment at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for Fall 2013.

Toss Chair
Walk up to hands
Press extension
Optional stunt of your choice

Toss Chair
Walk up Torch
Walk up to hands
Press extension
Optional stunt of your choice

TumblingAll tumbling will be performed on a 1 3/8" carpet bonded to foam,  "Flexi-Roll" mat
Ladies: Front and back walkovers, standing tuck, standing handspring tuck, cartwheel tuck, toe touch tuck are required.

Gentlemen: It is desired that each candidate perform a standing tuck or a standing handspring. We would like all males to execute at least one flipping tumbling skill.|Spotting is not provided for tumbling skills. You will be evaluated only the the skills you can perform without a spot.

Ladies: Round off back handspring  back tuck is required.  A front pass beginning in a front walkover or front handspring is required.  Any running pass ending in a full twisting layout is highly desired.

Gentlemen:  A round off hand spring or round off tuck is desired.
Tumbling may be spotted, however, scores will be adjusted accordingly.

Jumps and Flexibility - Ladies
You will be evaluated on the following jumps:  right andl left hurdler, pike, double toe/back handspring, toe touch/tuck

You will be evaluated on the following flying positions on the ground: left heel stretch, left stretch bow and arrow, left scorpion, left scale (all standing on your right foot)
You will be evaluated on right, left and center splits